I miss my Audible audiobooks

I’ve owned a 3G ipod for 5 years now. Two months ago, the battery has been refusing to hold a charge. The battery is actually an aftermarket replacement that I installed myself (a separate story in itself) that worked for 3 years and is now giving out.

So, now I’m relegated to using my Sandisk Sansa e200 series MP3 player. I mostly listen to podcasts and audiobooks, so capacity isn’t really an issue. I’ve gotten so used to itunes and ipod and how it natively supports podcasting, that it took me a while to get a system going for the sansa.

I’ve tried different podcast catching software but nothing was easier than itunes. To get my podcasts in itunes synced with my Sansa, I use Itunes Agent. It’s an extra step, but it works.

The only problem now is that the Sansa is not audible-ready. The new version of the Sansa is, though, which I think is just a firmware improvement as I don’t see any difference in the hardware.

Sandisk! Why can’t you just release a firmware update for us early Sansa buyers!? I miss my audiobooks.



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