iPod nano for $40, anyone?

Two months ago, I laid my 10GB iPod 3g to rest after 4 yours of loyal service. The battery isn’t holding its charge, anymore. Anyway, I had a Sandisk Sansa lying around so I can still listen to my podcasts. Alas, my Sansa is an older version and does not support Audible audiobooks.

When the new Zune came out, I really wanted to buy it, but further inspection of the features reveal that it doesn’t play Audible audiobooks, too (I’m sure it will in the future but who knows). I didn’t have the money, anyway.

Along came audible with their $100 deal with Amazon. The condition: be an Audible subscriber for a year. So I called Audible and asked if even current subscribers are eligible and … YES, THEY ARE!

Long story short, that’s how I got a 4GB iPod nano 4g for $40.

I’ll post my thoughts on the new nano in another post.

Happy Turkey Day!!

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