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Jody Gnant and One Red Paperclip

Here’s a link to a blog post that tells of the story of how one great internet phenomenon lead to the start of another.

Read up on One Red Paperclip

, it’s so cool. That Kyle has street smarts.


Jody Gnant – musician cum lifecaster

I was browsing along, and I happened upon Ustream. is a website where anyone with a webcam and internet connection can put up his own show.

In there, there was a link to a certain Jody Gnant. It turns out that Jody Gnant is an indie musician in Phoenix, AZ, who decided, this July 2007, to broadcast her life 24/7 on the internet. And they weren’t kidding about the 24/7 part. I just saw her get pulled over by a highway cop when I was watching.

A “self-styled Bohemian Geek Soul”, I thought this was a very creative way of promoting one’s self and also double as a running documentary of an independent musician.

Her Flickr photos. <link>

Notably, her in-car webcam setup. <link>

Samples of her music. <link> I really like the first song on her new album, Pivot.