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Update to Windows Vista

Overnight, it seems that Microsoft has rolled out an update for Vista. My laptop automatically downloaded it and installed it. I should do something about that. Most of the time, Microsoft’s OS updates are harmless, but there have been times when it inadvertently caused system instability.

Anyhoo, The update is detailed in KB941649. Among the fixes are:

  • extends the battery life for mobile devices. Yey! I think I only have a 6-cell battery on this notebook but it seems to last no longer than 2 hours on just casual surfing, even on power saver mode.
  • improves the stability of wireless network devices. I hope so. I’ve had weird issues with this laptop dropping my home wireless network.
  • shortens the startup time of Windows Vista. I really have no complaints about the startup time, but the shorter, the better, is the rule of thumb.

I will let you know how things go.

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